Life Coaching

Nuzhat Jahan – Author

What is life coaching?

To me it is speaking to a positive person who is an independent person from my life.

Sometimes, we need to speak to someone who is not a part of our family or friends circle. Or who can keep the conversation confidential!

As a lawyer, I am big on client confidentiality and as a part of the life coaching consultancy we will be entering into an agreement.

So we can openly speak about everything that is bothering you and making you feel down.

Life coaching is not counselling or a session with the likes of a psychologist.

It is something very different, I call it early intervention. Before a person goes into a spiral and needs clinical help.

There is no stigma in needing help at whatever level. But life coaching is at a softer level.

I have been life coaching for over five years now. Mostly, as a pro-bono, not charging my clients.

But as I am transitioning into my book career, my time is becoming more valuable and for me to take my clients seriously, our efforts need to be reciprocated.

I will be charging for my sessions, and they are usually one hour sessions with follow ups.

I will also be pre-screening clients to ensure they qualify for my services. As I am not a psychologist and only here to support with everyday life matters such as your career goals, relationship goals, healing, heartbreak, or just needing a positive uplift!

We all get stressed and overwhelmed with life. I have my own ways of dealing with stress and juggling life. As I wear many hats being a public figure.

I have my own life too and I have mastered a few ways of doing it all and keeping myself balanced.

You will need to fill out a form here.

I will assess your suitability, and we will enter into a service agreement. I do pre-payments so we do not have to chase you after the one hour sessions for payment.

You can be anywhere in the world to be a client. I travel extensively anyway, so if time and place permits I sometimes organise face to face sessions. But I tend to do this with established clients.

Otherwise my life coaching sessions are via Skype on video calls.

I look forward to working with you and connecting with you one-on-one.

Many thanks,