Inspirational Talks

Nuzhat Jahan – Author

Inspirational Talks

Someone once told me, ‘The greatest book you’ll ever write is going to be about your own life…’.

I was writing my first book at that time when I moved to London. It was a crazy dream of mine to write a book on dreams.

I left everything, a really great corporate job to pursue this passion of writing my novel.

That was a few years ago… the best step of my life. The world has opened up to me since that courageous step.

Yes, I cried, I was told I was being silly. But I listened to my own inner voice. We get one life right? How do you want to spend yours?

Living other people’s dreams of you or creating the life of your own dreams?

I am a fighter. I have defied my religious, cultural, and family expectations of my life to living the life I truly want.

Yet in doing so, I have found peace, and balance with my religious, cultural, and family life. So all is well 😊

But inspiration begins from within. I get asked to do talks, which I am so grateful for.

If my book can inspire people, I want to reach more people, by allowing my presence of being on stage.

It is time, I make myself available in different mediums. Not everyone are readers, there are many listeners. So I am prepared to speak.

If you are an event organiser please get in touch here [insert form] and we will contact you about making myself available for your event.

I am flexible and open to international travel anywhere in the world.

I look forward to meeting many more people and sharing my adventures of writing the Lahara series.

My own book writing journey is a story itself, and if you can draw inspiration from my life, I hope you too find inner peace, and motivation.

Love you,