Dream Interpretation

Nuzhat Jahan – Author

Dream Interpretation

We all dream.

Some remember their dreams more often than others.

But sometimes, we all have a dream that just does not go away.

Whether it is a repetitive dream. Which could be a message. Or a dream that we know has a message for us.

Most times the dreams we see are just dreams. Perhaps our own thoughts are playing up. So we shouldn’t read too much into it.

However, there are dreams that are from a higher place. So there could be some truth or message in it for us.

Whether that is to comfort us, or give us glad tidings of the good to come.

Of course, we should never get attached to our dreams and visions. Because life is what it is sometimes.

But dreams itself can help us think in better and positive ways by helping us to change our mindset.

Also, dreams can help us identify our inner blocks, and what it is that we need to work on to create a better version of ourselves.

I get inundated by people writing to me to help them understand their dreams. To help me help you, I have created a dream interpretation service so I can devote proper time for those who are serious about their dreams.

I will email you a form to fill out, as dream interpretation can differ based on your religious, cultural beliefs.

For a small fee of $19.99 USD

here, I can write to you your dream interpretation in a helpful manner. This is not about future telling, but present life interest so you can choose to have a better future.

If you are not ready to have your dream interpreted, I would highly recommend that you read my book first. For a small price of $1.99 USD

, the book could help you to understand your dream. Even though my book is fiction, through the story telling you will learn how Lahara interprets her dreams.

Dreams are a way of the higher entity to speak to us. Whether you believe in a God or not, the phenomena of dreams is so mystical and spiritual. As another definition dreams can even be the visions we receive from our higher self when we close our eyes.

From a psychological perspective, dreams are from our subconscious mind that surfaces up during our sleep. Whichever definition you go by, you can’t deny dreams carry message for us.

There are hidden truths in the symbolic world of dreams. That can help us.

Sweet dreams,