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Nuzhat Jahan – Author

Nuzhat Jahan is a Kiwi writer who writes about Lahara.

Her first book Lahara ‘We are One’ has been an international success. Turning the book author into an influencer who uses her social media platform to raise awareness on many issues. Mostly those impacting the millennial generation. Hence her go to daily updates are on Instagram.

Lahara is a young woman brought up in London. Who travels the world extensively because of her career. Like the author herself, the main character transitions from her corporate career into a popular book author who starts travelling the world for her books.

The characters of Nuzhat’s books resonates with many. Some find themselves in Lahara who is trying to establish her own identity in a globalised world. She was brought up in a Muslim household, her father being a Muslim and mother originally from a Hindu descent. But Lahara finds her spirituality through her own life journey. Through the highs and lows of life. Mainly to do with her love life.

Lahara seems to have it all, a loving family, good friends, successful career, but she struggles with her love life like many millennials. Then we have other characters in her book who are struggling with their own shadow selves. Trying to understand their own lives with Lahara. Some not so lucky with their family, some have sold their souls…

Every character is dealing with something. But interconnecting with each other to understand that we are all in this together, hence the subtitle of the book ‘We are One’.

You can read the book reviews here (attach link or attachment of the first part of the book that includes the book reviews in the book).

Without giving it all away, you can read the sample first chapter on Goodreads (link here).

Nuzhat Jahan was inspired to write this book through her experience as a life coach. She helped millennials clients all over the world to heal from heartbreaks. She lived in London in 2017 and has been a corporate lawyer for about ten years before transitioning into an international book author.

The reader around the world started approaching Nuzhat to help them interpret their dreams. So Nuzhat has decided to offer this service out to those trying to understand what their subconscious mind is trying to tell them. It is not about future telling, it is about understanding one’s present life to make their future better.

Nuzhat is also offering a confidential life coaching service to those who want a one on one session with her. She offers these sessions over Skype so you can be anywhere in the world to be able to connect with her.

Her books have been published in different parts of the world. So Nuzhat travels a lot internationally and we will keep you updated on any book signing or speaking events. Stay in tune by subscribing to this website (hyperlink to subscription) and following her social media pages.