Lahara; We Are One

It is the first part of the Lahara series, a magical and profound saga which explores the meaning of our lives and dreams. Filled with adventure and mysticism, Lahara uses her unique gift of interpreting dreams to uncover the realities of true singularity around the world.

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Author’s Message

Salam, I am Nuzhat Jahan. In Arabic, salam means I come with peace.

I feel my My sole purpose is to wash away what’s covering the beauty underneath.

I believe all major world religions are beautiful, yet used as political tools or ego hooks to shoot arrows at people.

I love to understand, That’s why my books are focused on understanding the dynamics we are born into. Whether that’s race, religion, culture or whatever circumstance it is that you are born into.

We are one. That’s my motto. As humans we all feel the same emotions. We worry, have fear, laugh, want happiness and love in our lives. Yet, at the same time stay divided.

Diversity is beautiful and life is simple. Often times we complicate things by over thinking. Especially when we fail to understand another person. That’s when we project, judge, blame and attack. Other times we play the victim, manipulate and use words in harsh ways that hurts others.

This is why I write my books to shed light onto human understanding and the way we live and think. We are all in this together, trying to fit in while holding on to our beliefs

It is about breathing the same air and sharing the same space we are born into, which is this world.

All trying to balance our individuality with our community and the family we are born into.

It is difficult, but does not have to be hard. We get to choose every step of the way

Making a choice at every right and left turn

If we do our inner work and reflect on our own inner blocks such as fear, faith, hate, discrimination, jealousy, entitlement, negativity, overthinking, and so on can make better and easier decision that can help make our lives a little bit easier

So welcome to my website. My intention behind it is to share positivity, light, and love.

Life is too short, hoping that my writing helps you find hope.

Love is the only feeling that’s pure.

Yours truly,